We'll be using this space to offer insight into our creative process.
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Joy Ang Process

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To wrap up our process collection from the second volume of The Anthology Project, here’s a spread from Joy Ang’s “Final Catch”. We’ve already shared Joy’s process for the cover of the first volume of The Anthology Project here, so check that out if you haven’t seen it already. You can also view more of her work at www.joyang.ca.

This brings us to the end of our official launch for The Anthology Project Volume 2. If any of the work on this blog has sparked your interest, you’re now able to order a book directly from our website, www.theanthologyproject.com. You can also request it at your local comic shop and they should be able to order you a copy.

Also, keep an eye on this tumblr! We should have more to share regarding different facets of our process and creation in the not too distant future. We’ll also bring back the step by step images for Volume 3. Have we mentioned there’s going to be a volume 3? :)

Kim Smith WIP

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This is a page from Kim’s story “Harry” which will be in The Anthology Project Volume 2. You can see more of her lovely illustrations on her website at http://www.tuckedaway.com/.

Jeffrey Thompson Process

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Check out this page from Jeff’s “Hundreds and Thousands”, to be featured in The Anthology Project V2. You can also see his story “The Multiverse” in our first volume, and find more of his work over on his blog at http://jeffreythompson.blogspot.com//.